Azurite Health is the sister site to Azurite Wellness. Azurite Wellness is my Sports Massage Clinic based in Chatham Kent (UK), and Azurite Health is the blog that has expanded from this. In this blog I discuss anatomy, physiology and other massage related topics, which I have thoroughly researched and studied.

My name is Tilly Seargeant and I am the owner of Azurite Wellness Sports Massage and Azurite Health Blog. I have been fascinated by anatomy and physiology for a long time, especially topics relating to musculoskeletal problems. In my clinic I treat a range of muscular issues on a daily basis, and I enjoy educating my clients about why they have certain problems, as well as how to resolve and prevent them. I realised that clients recover better when there is a clear explanation about what exactly is going on, and thus my idea to start blogging was born. Originally I made blog posts on my clinic website, however I want to expand it beyond this in it’s own space.

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